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The Department performs the research in the following fields:

  • development of growth and yield models for the most important forest tree species and mixed stands
  • validation and use of growth and yield models
  • forest inventory using modern technologies (eg. Lidar) and multi-source data
  • dendrochronology and dendroclimatology


    Below you can find some examples of ongoing and finished research projects:

    • FORMIT - FORest management strategies to enhance the MITigation potential of European forests (7FP)
    • Ecological consequences of the silver birch secondary succession on post-agricultural lands (National Science Center)
    • Application of the terrestrial laser scanning for measuring the selected characteristics of forest ecosystems (National Science Center)
    • Carbon storage assessment in pine forests of western Poland and determination of an influence of various management options to carbon sequestration dynamics (Ministry of Science and Higher Education)
    • Biomass and carbon sequestration in pine and beech stands of northern and western Poland
    • 20-year forest resource development projection in Poland
    • Forest inventory method based on the multi-source data integration
    • Taper models for various tree species and their use for raw wood material quality assessment
    • Validation of new dendrometers
    • Tree growth and stand dynamics. Research is performed at permanent and temporary sample plots and aim to assess processes of growth and forming of stand structure. The main goal of such studies is to build and validate growth models
    • An influence of various factors and management options on forest structure. The goal of these studies is the assessment of an influence of thinning and industrial pollution on tree growth and stand structure, as well as considering the reaction of trees and stands to those factors into growth models
    • The application of growth and yield models in forest management planning and large-scale forest inventory
    • Growth and yield models accuracy assessment
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