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last modified Feb 16, 2012 10:30 AM

The department performs the research in the following fields:

  • Forest management planning in sustainable forestry and new vision of modern plan
    - forest inventory
    - regulation of forest use
  • Methods of quantitative and qualitative assessment of forest resources
    - stock
    - increment
    - dead wood
  • Forest policy
  • Planning in forests ecosystems of national parks and nature reserves
  • Typology of forest habitats
  • Nature protection in forest management planning
  • Forest management in spatial planing
  • Management of private forests and plantations
  • History of forest management in Poland
  • Monitoring of forests
  • Modern technologies in forest management inventory and planning
  • Plant communities and natural habitats (Natura 2000) in forest management planning
  • Quality of wood in forest stands (NDE - nondestructive evaluation of wood quality)

Below you can find some examples of ongoing and finished research projects:

  • Problems of forest management in multifunctional forestry
  • Method of measuring forest resources using air laser scanning
    (on example a protected mountain area)
  • Impact assessment of transport pollutants on the condition of forest trees
    of selected areas of Poland
  • Management planning using fixed control sample plots
  • Optimization of the lower layers in pine stands
  • Management planning of the forest sub-district using aerial photos
  • Comprehensive method of determining the zones of stands damages
  • Assesment method of depreciation spruce stands in
    regional directorate of state forests in Bialystok
  • The use of acoustic methods in the study of internal rot on the plantation of larch
    in Forest Experimental Station Rogow
  • Forest management plan for the Forestry Experimental Station Rogow
    for the years 2009-2018
  • The relationship between quantity and quality of timber production
    and the stability of pine stands
  • Identification of forest functional areas and verification of the boundaries
    of units of nature-forest regionalization, including the distribution of geological structure,
    hydrological, seed regions, the administrative boundaries of municipalities
    and territorial units of the State Forests
  • Evaluation of the state and dynamics of forest regeneration
    for the preparation of conservation plan of Bialowieski National Park
  • Methods of determining the thinning stock in the annual planning
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