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Jesteś w: Start Studia Forest Information Technology FIT 2015/2016 PS IMAGO (SPSS) software availability

PS IMAGO (SPSS) software availability

Ostatnio zmodyfikowane 2017-03-09 07:49
How to get a legal version of PS IMAGO (SPPS) as a WULS-SGGW student

WULS-SGGW students are allowed to install and use several programs for educational purposes. The list of programs is available at the Computer Center (Centrum Informatyczne) website:

According to the license agreement nr 522 between SGGW and Predictive Solutions (the representative of IBM Ireland Product Distribution Limited) all students and employees of the University can use SPSS, including their personal computers. It is not necessary to fill-in any forms, but the verification that a person is eligible for obtaining the license is necessary. It can be done by sending an email from the address registered in the “” or “” domain to Mrs Ewa Wawro: (tel. 35 557).

If you don't know how to get a WULS-SGGW student's account (in the domain), please write an email to

All the users should include the sentence, that they “confirm software use conditions”, name and last name as well as the faculty. Please copy-and-paste the following statement and sign it by your full name:


Proszę o przesłanie kodów licencyjnych do oprogramowania IBM SPSS Statistics 21 i 22 (instalacja lokalna). Niniejszym potwierdzam, że zapoznałem się z warunkami użytkowania oprogramowania. Jestem studentem specjalności „Forest Information Technology” na kierunku „leśnictwo” na Wydziale Leśnym.

License codes are confidential. They can be used by the authorized persons only and cannot be forwarded to any third persons. The person obtaining codes from the software becomes responsible for the confidentiality of the codes.

Installation files are available on the Computer Center server accessible from the computers connected to the campus network:

You can also download SPSS manuals from CI website.

(based on, updated March 9, 2017)


In the case of other software - please contact Michał Brach or Michał Zasada

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