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Requirements regarding graduation

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Graduation in the frame of the double-diploma program is a tricky process. Here we publish all the necessary procedures that have to be fullfiled by FIT students aiming at obtaining the WULS-SGGW diploma


Below you can find a list of documents we have to get from FIT graduates at least three weeks before planed defence.

  1. If the student was exmatriculated, he/she has to submit the application for renewal addressed to the Vice-dean for Students Affairs (file: FIT_PODANIE_ wznowienie do obrony.doc)
  2. Current and updated Transcript-of-records (TOR) containing ALL grades required by the FIT program. Without completed TOR we can't renew students and send the defence to plagiarism check.
  3. Two hard-copies of diploma thesis to the Eberswalde (1 CD-R and 1 CD-RW recorded in a format .pdf and .rtf or ODT) when the supervisor is in Germany. If the supervisor and the defence is in Poland five copies. Two of them we will send after defence to the Eberswalde, please rememeber that this two copies must meet the requirements of Eberswalde. Three hard-copies (2 CD-R and 1 CD-RW recorded in a format .pdf and .rtf or ODT not more than 100 MB). The 3 copies have to be printed according to the WULS-SGGW requirements and signed by the student and supervisor.
  4. If students defend their thesis in Eberswalde two copies with the correct Warsaw cover page have to be prepared for the University of Life Sciences Warsaw. If students defend in Poland three copies. While preparing the thesis, it is necessary to follow these general instructions (cover page, font and font size, text organization, …) (file: Master-thesis-first-page.rtf). Differing structures and styles may require a new printing of the thesis!.
  5. Application for admission to defence signed by student and supervisor (file: WNIOSEKoEGZ.DYPL..pdf). The document "Request for admission to the diploma exam" has to be filled in using the the Polish version.
  6. Five copies of diploma photographs - size 4.5x6.5cm (please double-check the dimensions, especially if photos are done in Germany; they are very often too narrow). Photographs should be done professionally, on photographic paper, clear, aesthetic, and reflect the actual image of the person on a light background, dressed elegantly, without a hat and dark glasses, maintaining uniform lighting his face. You can find an example on the website:
  7. Copy of present ID card
  8. Agreement for processing the personal information. Is should be printed and signed by student from eHMS system web site.
  9. The diploma fee. Each student has his/her own individual account number. It can be found in the eHMS system.
  10. Filled card of individual achievements (file: KARTA  OSIĄGNIĘĆ  INDYWIDUALNYCH.doc)
  11. Application for receive a copy of diploma in English (file: FIT_PODANIE_dyplom po angielsku.doc)
  12. Return student's ID card or send the application that it was lost (file: IT_LostID-LegitymacjZaginela.rtf
  13. Information where to send the diploma (file: FIT_PODANIE_wysłanie dyplomu.doc)
  14. Confirmation that diploma was received

According to the WULS-SGGW study regulation, every student must collect 30 ECTS per one semester. If the student does not pass the exam on time, the additional payment for every ECTS point is required (100 PLN per missing ECTS). This rule applies only to modules taught in Warsaw.

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