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Requirements regarding photos for the student's ID

Ostatnio zmodyfikowane 2014-03-07 11:15


Photos for the electronic student’s ID have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • digital form (jpg), 300 dpi resolution;
  • size for printing 2,00 cm (base) x 2,50 cm (height);
  • ID-type photo, color;
  • homogenous, bright background (no additional elements allowed);
  • portrait can’t go below armpit;
  • picture without headwear and glasses with dark lenses (unless justified by health or religious reasons and confirmed by the authorized medical service or religious community)

Student is exclusively responsible for the published picture. If the ID is printed with erroneous picture, student will be immediately charged the cost of a duplicate print.

To upload the picture through the ehms account use the following path: moje dane -> edycja

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